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Is your business in dire need of cleaning, or perhaps your home needs a thorough wash, but you can’t be bothered to book all the different services? You are in luck, as we offer a comprehensive and wide range of services, all of which can be combined into one big, money and time saving packet along with suitable discounts and special rates for landlords and lot owners.

Services you can book from Get Carpet Cleaning

If you are interested in any of these services, be sure to check out their service pages and learn more about how we do what we do.

  • Carpet cleaning – this is a service suitable for households and office spaces alike, proficient in cleaning large and small areas with dry or steam procedures that specialize in different aspects and fields. Old or new staining, it does not matter, we can arrange for it to be extracted and the fibers which it occupied deeply cleaned so you can once again enjoy a clean home.
  • Rug cleaning – exotic rugs need special care, and we are prepared and fully capable of delivering that care, for the best prices and quality of work around. With full insurance and well trained staff, all stains and blemishes will be a thing of the past. Full deodorization, deep fiber cleaning and safe drying are included in the service.
  • Upholstery cleaning – furniture needs your attention? Whether at home or on a commercial lot, you can experience a thorough and precise cleaning job of leather, natural or synthetic fibred materials or any other upholstery type out there. We use dry or steam cleaning for fibers and special detergents and fibrous cloths for leather.
  • Curtain cleaning – because curtains catch quite a lot of dirt and dust that’s floating in the air, regular cleaning is required. It will make your drapery smell a lot nicer, protect the colours from UV lights and dulling and freshen the textiles quite a bit, introducing a more healthy and nicer smelling environment for your home or office.
  • Mattress cleaning – if dealing with urine, food or blood stains, we can use special non-toxic detergents that will extract both odours and stains from your bed mattress as well as prevent germs from spreading to your sheets. We also provide consultation and professional help with bed bugs or dust mites.

Other services you can take advantage from

  • One of cleaning – offers you a very good deal on your cleaning, suitable for students, tenants, one time clients and people who are looking for a good deal. We will clean your entire flat, home or office at a reasonable rate, without you having to deal with a dozen other companies.
  • Window cleaning – we can clean the facades of windowed buildings, the inner part of flats and any other aspect of a window for both commercial or residential lots at no extra cost for a longer cleaning. We work both weekends and bank holidays from morning till dusk.
  • Oven cleaning – the old oven needs cleaning, you’ve noticed a charred taste to your otherwise tasty meals? Here is where our comprehensive oven cleaning treatment comes into play. It deals with the full degreasing and cleaning of all oven types and sizes and comes with a special deal for business owners.
  • After builders cleaning – dealing with constriction and you are left with filth, constriction particles and dust all over the place? Our team is just the right thing you need, with specialized equipment and dedication we can get all of that dust and foot traffic away from your carpets or rugs.

Book any of these services today

Book today on and receive a free quote and special deals on multiple services booked, with an up to 15% discount on any of these amazing treatments. Call us at 020 3746 2522 or use the booking form located in the website and take advantage of the deals and offers we have for today.

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